Monday, April 16, 2012

Will paint for room and board

This is artist Daniel Johnson. He has traveled across country trading artwork for shelter. This mural is going up at Sunnyside Repair Center on Boone St. near Commercial.


  1. I drove past this building at 1119 Boone Road yesterday - it's the Sunnyside Auto Repair building. It looks awesome! I also spoke with the artist, Daniel - and he's a really great guy, as is Alex McClelland, the owner of Sunnyside.

  2. The whole front of the building is now covered in all kinds of cars - hot rods, classics, trucks - all kinds. It's really neat - drive by at 1119 Boone at Sunnyside Auto Repair Center for a look. The artist, Daniel, should be there for a few more days, and Alex McClelland the Owner, is there all the time if you want to chat.

  3. Did a drive by today, the entire building is covered in all kinds of cars. It looks really cool!